How Double Sided Letterheads Will Triple Your Sales

By Paul Feeney | Print Marketing

From Email Marketing to Facebook, Responsive Web Design to Google Advertising, It is time to embrace change.

Dec 10
benefits of double sided stationary

The easiest, cheapest, most focused and smartest way to communicate with existing customers is by utilising stationary as a marketing tool as well as simply professional correspondence.

How do I know Double Sided Letterheads will triple your sales? Because single sided letterheads won’t do anything! They don’t market your business so how could they?

Before purchasing single sided stationary ask yourself 'What am I buying stationary for?

Are you buying letterheads for professionalism only? You see my job as your designer is to make your business money – full stop. Whether you are buying leaflets, flyers, folders, booklets or business cards, the goal is to bring in business.

That is what print is used for and that is my job. My job is to NOT to make print look pretty. It is to present your business in the right way to the right people to help build your brand and grow your company.

So.. again why do you want stationary? What is the point in purchasing it? What do you want to achieve? Nothing? No sales? No new customers? Not one?

Just because stationary is a legal requirement for a business does not mean it should not bring in business or at least attempt too.

Marketing should be the motive behind every piece of print you buy.

The Hardest Aspect of Marketing - which IS growing a Business is Getting People to Pay Attention to the Message you are trying to Spread.

Whether it be online advertising, Google Adwords, billboards, newspapers or flyers, to grab someones attention and help them digest your message and remember it is extremely difficult.

I, as a designer constantly research and study new ways to get the attention of the masses. Watching out for unique trends, clever ideas or new technologies which might give my clients an edge. An extra second of attention from a passer by or an extra second of someone holding your flyer.

When it comes to your stationary we have their attention! We don’t fight for it, we don’t pay for it, we have it!

They are going to read your message. To not capitalise on this moment is such a waste. My job is to grab attention. To find new ways of jumping up and down so your message is heard the loudest over a sea of messages. To give you the edge over your competition. This is why you must use utilise double sided letterheads and double sided compliment slips!

To Truly Appreciate the Value of Double Sided Letterheads Consider these Marketing Angles & Costs

A Bus-Stop Advertisement

Price Range: €2000.00 to €6000.00
Approximate Time on display: 2 to 6 weeks

A Full Page Newspaper Ad

Price Range: €1500.00 to €5000.00
Approximate Time on display: 2 to 6 weeks

The Additional Cost to Print Double Sided Letterheads

Price Range: €50.00 to €150.00!
Approximate Time on display: 4 to 12 months!

This is literally placing a full page A4 advertisement directly into the hands of 1000’s of existing customers.

Acquiring new customers is 5 to 10 times more expensive than keeping an existing one

When a client holds a double sided letterhead or double sided compliment slip they will always turn it over if printed in full colour. This second side can reveal a full page advert on further services or offers. Companies pay €1000’s for that second of attention in Newspapers or Chamber Magazines all the time which offer very low return on investment.

Your existing base of customers are the easiest source of new revenue for any business to tap into and stationary is your perfect weapon.

Next time you need Stationary think ‘profit’, think ‘sales’, think double sided!

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Paul Feeney is a Design & Marketing Consultant who helps SMEs increase sales through print marketing, sales focused web design, email marketing, online marketing & social media marketing.

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