How to Design Eye-Catching Pull Up Banner Stands

By Paul Feeney | Print Marketing

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Dec 10
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For all print products geared towards marketing, main headings must be short and snappy. However when it comes to Pull Up Banner Stands your headings need to be really short and snappy.

With advertising bombarding consumers at every moment it is imperative you allow me to push your design work to make it as attention grabbing as I can. When it comes to leaflets, flyers and most forms of print marketing material I can design them to be looked at. Viewers will look and see your leaflet or flyer and quickly, even subconsciously decide to pick it up, read it, turn it over, etc.

But this is because they did actually see the message. They fleetingly see the image or the heading and this causes a reaction. With Pull Up Banner Stands people are not seeing, at best they are glancing. Pull Up Banner Stands are usually placed in high human traffic areas. Many people will walk past your Pull Up Banner Stand, but not many, if any will actually stop to take in the message.

This is why it is so Important your Pull Up Banner Stands Artwork follows some, if not all of these Guidelines:

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  • There is ONE image
  • Your Design is extremely creative
  • Your message is strong and direct
  • Your heading and if necessary sub headings are direct and to the point.

How to Correctly Convey your Message with Pull Up Banner Stands

Pull Up Banner Stands are mainly aimed at, and best suited, for spreading brand awareness and messages to passers-by. We have seconds of distracted attention to work with.

We Grab Attention
We use creative, strong and visually striking imagery.

We State Quickly and Creatively what we are Offering
Tell me in one word, say it – shout it!

We attempt to Persuade potential customers in one Sentence
We have grabbed and held their attention for 2 seconds. We have one more – sum up the benefits of your key message using as few words as possible.

The Breakdown of a Well Designed Pull Up Banner Stand in Terms of Seconds

Second 1. Visualising your Message
Coming in at number 1 with regards designing a perfect Pull Up Banner Stand is your choice of image. You need to think long and hard about how best to embody what you sell into one clear, head-turning image.

Second 2. Heading
Say it simple, clear and direct. What do you want to say to your customers in 5 words or less.

Second 3. Tagline
You have one second left, make it count. What’s the last thought you want to try and implant in a potential customer’s head as they walk away thinking about your product, service or business.

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Simple, Yet Difficult

You will be amazed at how much your business grows when you fully embrace how important and powerful the message that goes on your print really is.

Plus, when your business does begin to grow as a result of your newly crafted messages this will be because you have begun to craft and create a brand image. Businesses have limits, Brands can grow exponentially.

Ultra portable and incredibly light Pull Up Banner Stands and Banners in general are ideal for retail signage, conferences, exhibitions, meetings, restaurants, bars, cafes and much more, but they must be designed correctly.

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